As Seen in Tiger Rag: Where Are They Now – Derek Hebert

Where Are They Now: Derek Hebert

You may remember the all-around infielder and shortstop Derek Hebert, who played a major role in LSU Baseball’s 2004 and 2005 seasons. Being the leading hitter at the 2005 SEC Tournament and also batting the game-winning hit at both wins over Mississippi State, it’s not hard to see why Hebert was a popular favorite. But, where is Hebert now?

Hebert’s family background is in the life insurance field. Nearly 36 years ago, his father started a life insurance business right at the time the oil field took a hit, slowing down the economy in South Louisiana. Hebert saw his father’s hard work, determination, faith and perseverance get their family through those times.

“As I grew up, my dad was always supportive of me and my siblings with our extra curricular activities, especially baseball. I knew that when my baseball days were done, I wanted to be able to do the same for my family that my dad did for us,” Hebert said.

After LSU, Hebert went on to work for his father’s life insurance company, becoming a 2nd generation insurance agent.

“Now 10 years into the family business, I’ve learned through my dad and sports that hard work, discipline, and being a good person will take care of me and my family in return,” Hebert said.

With the experience from his family’s insurance company under his belt, today Hebert has teamed up with Colby Arceneaux, former safety for Ole Miss, to launch Upstream Life. Upstream Life is not an agency, but rather an insurance company that creates and sells its own products. Hebert and Arceneaux plan to be the largest life insurance company domiciled in Louisiana.

“My business partner Colby and I are very excited to bring this company not only to Louisiana, but also to provide a product that can be offered nationwide. In such a low interest rate environment, our goal is to be able to provide higher guaranteed returns and more peace of mind to our customers,” Hebert said when speaking about Upstream Life.

“Thanks to my supportive wife of 11 years, Rachel, who I dated while playing baseball at LSU, and my four kids, this business has become a reality,” Hebert said.

Upstream Life is putting a tremendous investment into Louisiana. Hebert and Arceneaux’s vision is to invest billions of dollars into the state over the next few years.

Upstream Life is launching the business in 12 states initially, including Florida, Texas, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Tennessee, South Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky, Arkansas and Mississippi. Their goal is to become one of the biggest annuity companies in the country.

“Having confidence in yourself and your team is something I learned as a Tiger. With this company and product we are creating, we will be able to provide to our customers that same confidence in their retirement,” Hebert said.


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